Teams Delinquent in Fees

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Teams Delinquent in Fees

The following are a list of teams who have failed to pay their registration fees in full for past CNR Basketball Leagues.  If you are a parent considering putting your child on one of these teams, please realize that until the following teams pay their debt, they will not be allowed to play in any CNR Basketball Leagues or Tournaments.


  • Tru Game Girls (Condra) – Spring 2016
  • St. Louis Heat (Drake) – Spring 2016
  • STL Slammers Girls (Addison) – Spring 2016
  • Warriors (Harper) – Summer 2017
  • STL Soldiers (McDonald)- Summer 2017
  • Blue Jays (Jason Schnitzler)- Winter 2017-18
  • JennCore Spurs (Dickerson)- Winter 2017-18

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